We do not solicit for funds or charge for any of our services or resources.

Occasionally we are asked by people if they can donate to the ministry or to a specific mission and we accept love gifts in this manner.

Currently you can send a cheque, bank draft, or money order to



For local Donations
Bank Name : Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited.
Branch : Baatsona Spintex Road
Account Name : Souls for Christ Outreach Ministry.
Account Number : 220107424110
Account Type : Current Account.
Currency : Ghana Cedis.

For International Donations

Bank Name : Guaranty Trust Bank Ghana Limited.
Branch : Baatsona Spintex Road
Account Name : Souls for Christ Outreach Ministry.
Account Currency and Number
Euro: 220107424420
Pound Sterling: 220107424320
US Dollar: 220107424220.
Account Type : Foreign Exchange Account.
Swift Code : GTBIGHAC
or you can donate to the ministry personally.

We are inviting Individuals, Families, Organization and Churches to Sponsor the Children, Orphans, and widows as a Special mission Outreach.

God bless you.



Areas of need
  • FINANCE - For building Schools, Medical Centres, Boreholes and Toilet facilities etc.
  • USED CLOTHING- For children, orphans, widows and fatherless.
  • FOOD STUFF – For the widows, orphan, fatherless and Children
  • PROJECTOR – For Christian film show
  • GENERATOR – Some villages don’t have electricity.
  • A VEHICLE FOR MISSIONS – To load our mission Goods and Equipment
  • LAPTOP. - These laptops will be donated to the community schools to enable the teachers to teach their students how to use computers since the village schools do not have library’s not to talk of computer lab. The world is growing at a fast pace and we need to educate our future generations on technology.
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at Souls for Christ Outreach ministry. Our volunteers play a vital role in the ministry’s activities. They supplement the staff in important ways with special talents and knowledge that may not be otherwise available.

The next step in applying to become a volunteer is to complete the attached form. Your answers to the questions will enable us to see where you might best help our program and what activities would be most fulfilling to you. Many of the questions are self-explanatory. Others may need a little explanation.

PERSONAL INFORMATION: Please provide a phone number at which we may reach you Monday through Friday, between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to follow up on your application. You also may provide an e-mail address for that purpose.

WORK EXPERIENCE: When listing your work experience, show only the last 5 years of employment. If you are retired, describe the last 10 years you worked before you retired.

LANGUAGES: An ability to speak and understand a foreign language most likely will be used to greet and possibly guide foreign visitors. You would not be expected to explain highly technical aspects of our outreach program. Reading and translating duties might involve assisting the staff in reading and responding to foreign language correspondence or in translating.

SPECIAL SKILLS: The information you provide will help us to identify which activities in Souls For Christ Outreach Ministry will most interest you and where you can make the greatest contribution to our programmes. Please mark those activities on the list with which you have experience and indicate your level of expertise. Please add any other activities in which you have experience that you think will fit into Our Outreach programmes.

AVAILABILITY: For how Long will you like to volunteer in our ministry? Please indicate it in the application form.

REFERENCES: It is important that you provide the names of two individuals who can be contacted to discuss your qualifications for a volunteer position. They will be informed of the reason for the contact. Please note that a background check will be necessary, depending on the type of volunteer service you will provide and the kind of access to our facility. For further information about this step in the application process, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 00233 (0) 541 171 521.

Please be assured that any information you provide will be kept confidential.

Download volunteer form


A volunteer is an individual who performs duties without been paid, or a person who does something, especially helping other people, willingly and without being forced or paid to do it.

Program. Volunteers enhance the capacity of the staff. Student interns are considered volunteers and have the same benefits and responsibilities of volunteers as outlined in this Guiding Principle.

Volunteers are extremely valuable to The Souls for Christ Outreach ministry Program, its staff, and participants. Volunteers have the right to be given meaningful assignments, to be treated as equal coworkers, to have effective supervision, to have full involvement and participation, and to have full recognition for work done.

Volunteers have the responsibility to perform to the best of their abilities and to complete their duties in a timely.

Individuals interested in volunteering with The Souls for Christ Outreach ministry Program may submit an application (see attached) and names of two references to the executive director or the staff person who supervises the volunteer position. Interviews with applicable staff and the executive director will result in determining volunteer opportunities for any interested individuals.

Supervision and Evaluaton
The staff person responsible for the activities of each volunteer shall supervise the activities of the volunteer. That staff person shall also be responsible for evaluating the volunteer’s performance and continued suitability for the volunteer position, as well as the continued need for volunteer service.

Confidentiality and Souls for Christ Outreach ministry Policies
All volunteers are expected to understand and observe policies and Souls for Christ Outreach ministry procedures and will be asked to review the philosophies, guiding principles, and operational guidelines. Volunteers are especially expected to observe all confidentiality provisions of Souls for Christ Outreach ministry and each volunteer will be asked to sign a Staff Confidentiality Agreement as a condition of volunteerism.

Conflict of Interest
No person who has a conflict of interest with any activity or program of The Souls for Christ Outreach Program, whether personal, philosophical, or financial, shall be accepted to serve as a volunteer with Souls for Christ Outreach ministry.